Synthesis & OpenAsset

Enrich your Intranet with OpenAsset Images for Projects and Employees

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Provide employees with the images and data when and where they need it most.

Synthesis, Knowledge Architecture’s intranet platform for AEC firms, helps employees find the firm-specific information they need to be effective at work, know what is happening across their organization, and learn and grow with their colleagues. Users are seeking knowledge and eager to access information that will help them do their work more efficiently. The Synthesis – OpenAsset connection supports them by making critical images and data from OpenAsset available to them in Synthesis.

Key Benefits

What you can expect from the integration, owned and supported by Knowledge Architecture:

  • Auto-generated announcements about new OpenAsset project images
  • Project image carousels on Project Profiles
  • More complete project data and employee data on Project Profiles and Directories
  • Search for OpenAsset Project and Employee images within your intranet

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