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OpenAsset Camera

The OpenAsset Camera app is available to download on iOS and Android platforms. It enables users to take photos or videos and upload them directly into their OpenAsset system. Users can also upload files already stored on their phones or tablets.

Store Images In OpenAsset Instantly

The app is designed to make it super simple for you to get your onsite project photos and videos into OpenAsset. Simply capture, collect and upload. From on-site to in-house, instantly.

Record Site Visits

Keeping a visual record of your project through all the stages of development and construction is crucial. By making it as easy as possible to upload site surveys, construction photos and snagging photos straight into your DAM, you can ensure that these visual records are properly archived.

Capture Your Events

AEC firms invest significant amounts of time and resources into planning and executing industry events. OpenAsset Camera makes it easier to encourage people to capture images and videos from these events, and for your marketing team to promote them in newsletters, social media or on your intranet portal.

Store Images For Creative Reference

OpenAsset Camera makes it easy for photos and videos to be captured and archived directly when on the go. By encouraging your colleagues to capture moments of inspiration on their mobile devices, you are able to build a richer library for creative reference.

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