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Optimizing file storage space & image search for marketers at Nitsch Engineering

With OpenAsset, the small marketing team at this 85-person engineering firm drastically slashed time finding and resizing images for use in proposals, award submissions, and presentations. In fact, the team estimates that the time savings from implementing OpenAsset produced a return on investment within the first year.

  • Eliminate duplicate images with automatic image resizing
  • Tag images with project information for intuitive search
  • Eliminate reliance on colleagues' memory to locate images
The Nitsch Engineering Team
Anna Luciano
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Laurie Strickland
Director of Marketing
The Problem with Project Folders

We have six specialty areas, and within that there are sub-specialties. Finding things in the folder system wasn't at all efficient because we had to rely on memory to identify which projects showcased a certain service.


Having a way to easily search was a huge issue that we were running into. We found that we were spending forever searching for and forever resizing images for different uses, for web and for print, for example. Our marketing drive was out of control. It was cluttered with every single size of one photo, and every single crop of one photo. The space that we were taking up was crazy.

SharePoint v. DAM

A few of the other systems (like SharePoint) would need too much configuration and coding, you couldn’t do it yourself. It was extremely labor intensive from a consulting point of view (kind of like early websites) which became prohibitively expensive, so much so that there was no way to justify the cost to the company.

Calculating ROI

We started keeping track of how much time it was taking to find photos. If it took an hour to resize some photos, or if it took a half an hour to find a photo, we recorded it. We did this for a couple of months, and I mean, we knew it was a lot of time, but even we were surprised by how much time we were wasting finding and resizing images. Projecting that out with our hourly rates, we calculated that OpenAsset would pay for itself in the first year

Implementation and Data Migration

We realized that if you put garbage in, it’s not going to work, and the clean up time would be prohibitive. So we spent a lot of time carefully auditing our project folders before we uploaded images into OpenAsset with Axomic's data migration.


OpenAsset met all of the deadlines, and we were really happy with the implementation. The data migration all went well. For us, the process was as close to perfect as you can get with something like this. It’s one of the reasons why we’re such big proponents of OpenAsset. This is software that works the way they say it’s going to work


The three things that we loved about OpenAsset was the search, storage savings, and resizing. We were spending a lot of time in Photoshop resizing images and saving another version to our drive. And this is the first software that I’ve seen that can do this for us.


One of the biggest benefits of using OpenAsset is the time savings, especially since we were spending so much time managing photos. At the time, we were a two-person marketing department supporting a 70-person firm, and there was a lot going on. We needed something to save us time, and we knew immediately on seeing OpenAsset that it could be the answer.

It’s streamlined a lot of our processes. Specifically when it comes to qualifications and other marketing collateral. it’s just a million times easier. We know how to find images, and we can search in any number of ways. OpenAsset lets me get things done faster than I had ever been able to before,

About Nitsch Engineering

Nitsch Engineering is a Boston-based firm specializing in providing civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, sustainable site consulting, planning, and GIS services. Since 1989, the firm has worked with academic clients, developers, corporate and institutional owners, public agencies, architects, and other design professionals on major private development and public infrastructure projects in 18 states and five countries.

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