Our new connector will enable you to tag images in OpenAsset using data from Cosential

Alex wetten

Published on 20th July 20202 min read

For firms operating in the AEC and Real Estate industries, we understand that information about their projects and people, and the way they use digital assets and files to visualise their work, is central to how they win new business. OpenAsset is built around using this valuable information in order to effectively organize your firm’s best project images so that they are accessible to users.

We are delighted to announce that OpenAsset has partnered with Cosential, the leading sales and marketing platform for the AEC industry. Firms rely on Cosential as the ‘Single Source of Truth’ for project and employee data, enabling users to collect all the relevant information they need to effectively market their firm’s projects. The OpenAsset Cosential Connector will offer seamless integration between these two systems.

How will the OpenAsset Cosential Connector work?

OpenAsset is a project-based DAM that helps users to store, organise and find their project marketing images more easily. With Cosential as the single source of truth for project and employee information, firms can push subsets of data into OpenAsset to tag images at scale. There are three key use cases that we believe will deliver value to firms that use both systems:

1. Synchronize Cosential project data to OpenAsset

The connector will enable you to automatically push a subset of your project data from Cosential into OpenAsset. Using the project data that is relevant to your marketing imagery, you can synchronise key information like project names, codes, descriptions, as well as the custom fields configured for information like client name, market sector, project size or location. The project structure within OpenAsset ensures that any images within these projects automatically inherit this information and become searchable via keywords.

2. Synchronize Cosential employee data to OpenAsset

Just as you can push data into projects, you will be able to add information to your employee profiles. Information such as project roles, hire dates, job titles and personal descriptions can be mapped to fields in OpenAsset, helping you to connect your projects to the people who created them. Images can be attached to employees helping you to organise your staff headshots, and by combining these images with people’s project experience, you can automatically generate resume documents.

3. Access Cosential project and employee records from OpenAsset

The connector will enable you to launch and view projects and employees from OpenAsset to Cosential for a seamless, connected user experience. You will be able to select a link on the project page or employee profile in OpenAsset to access the corresponding record that sits within Cosential.

How can I access the Connector?

The OpenAsset Cosential Connector will be available to purchase later this year. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your Cosential or OpenAsset CSM.