How DAM Supports Small Marketing Teams

Being part of a small marketing team has a number of perks, there may be room for more creativity and flexibility, however, you may also face some challenges in managing the marketing efforts for an entire organisation. With limited resources, you and your team may find it difficult to increase your marketing output and focus on strategies.

Smaller organisations may depend on their marketing team to find and send them their digital assets as and when they need them which can be demanding. Additionally, you and your team may be working at full capacity churning out collateral leaving you less time to work on new content ideas. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can help you generate marketing content effortlessly and allow you to collaborate with other teams seamlessly.

Digital Asset Management software like OpenAsset aims to help firms within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), and Real Estate industries, to systematize the creation and rollout of their marketing collateral, such as images, brochures, sales presentations and web content. Overall, OpenAsset supports the coordination of the entire content creation process, from draft to distribution.

OpenAsset can support small to medium sized marketing teams to produce content efficiently, as well as, creating a unified workflow between you and your co-workers. Our DAM enables you to regulate and distribute your digital assets with expertise. You and your colleagues can upload your marketing assets such as your brochures, high-resolution images and videos onto your DAM system which can easily be shared throughout the firm. OpenAsset is a centralized storage system for your digital assets but it has been incorporated with various other features to benefit marketing teams within SMB’s. In this blog, we highlight some benefits of OpenAsset, which are ideal for your marketing team:

Effortless Asset Search with Artificial Intelligence

As your digital assets continue to grow, the storage space on your local drive will reduce. Your desktop and folders can also become untidy, which can make it difficult to find the right images when requested. Some marketers may use DropBox to store their assets and others may use WeTransfer to share their assets. Whilst both systems have their benefits, a DAM like OpenAsset has the functionality of both which has been tailored to the AEC & Real Estate sectors. Users can store and organize their digital assets in projects and use keywords associated with the images, graphics or videos to tag the files in order to simplify the search process. Users can manually add searchable keywords such as the location, year, materials or buildings present in the image to describe the asset. This allows other users to easily locate images without having to scour through endless files on their desktop or local drive. OpenAsset users also have the benefit of our new Image Similarity search feature which enables them to discover a selection of images which appear visually similar. By incorporating AI into OpenAsset, we have been able to offer our users the opportunity to explore images which share common architectural styles, specific building elements or similar patterns. Our Image Similarity search feature is particularly valuable to smaller marketing teams as you will be able to trust your colleagues in other teams to find and download a collection of suitable images for their presentations or brochures without relying on you to locate and distribute the assets.

Ready To Use Templates

Reproducing presentations and collateral on the same templates can be carried out in a time efficient process using the OpenAsset InDesign plugin and PowerPoint integration. When saving InDesign templates onto your desktop or drive, you may have to also download the links which can easily be broken if the files are lost. However, with the OpenAsset InDesign Plugin, you can drag and drop images directly from your DAM into your preset InDesign document templates. The links are automatically managed which means you and your team can also access these templates remotely. The OpenAsset PowerPoint Template Creator facilitates the creation of branded presentations. You can select images from your OpenAsset system to generate bespoke PowerPoint presentations at speed. The integration with InDesign and Powerpoint is beneficial for all teams within AEC & Real Estate firms. Not only does the integration enable marketers and creatives to create collateral efficiently but it also gives other teams such as Business Development the ability to access approved digital assets in order to produce their own branded brochures, proposals and presentations which may save time for both teams and increase marketing output when resources are limited.

Effective Collaboration

When working in an SMB, you may be solely responsible for approving, uploading and circulating your firm’s digital assets. These assets may get lost between emails or on their local drive. If you distribute the files via WeTransfer, the links can expire which may result in colleagues requesting access to files again. A Digital Asset Management system like OpenAsset is an ideal solution for such issues as it is a centralized storage system which allows you to store all of your digital assets in one place without the risk of links expiring. Administrators on OpenAsset can also enable access levels for different teams and colleagues. This feature promotes an adequate and efficient workflow as you can select which images other teams are allowed to use for collateral whilst you and your team have access to all images. You can also remove access to outdated logos and graphics without removing the content from your DAM and this will ensure that the brand guidelines and standards are controlled more easily across your business. A Digital Asset Management also promotes effective collaboration as there is no need to send and download files when working with other team members, managers or external agencies. You can reduce the time spent between sharing and approving marketing collateral by giving external agencies limited access to your DAM which is where everyone can view the assets being worked on.

Overall, Digital Asset Management is a key tool for marketers, especially with the increasing need and demand for high-quality digital assets. Managing your digital asset library is a key factor for successful marketing efforts and being able to reuse assets is essential.  A Digital Asset Management system like OpenAsset can be the solution for marketing teams of all sizes which face challenges with managing and administrating their digital assets. There are a number of DAM systems available, which is why it is important to remember the issues you and your team are facing as well as the needs of the wider firm. By identifying your needs and challenges you will be able to identify a DAM which has an array of features and one which is better suited to the AEC & Real Estate sector like OpenAsset.

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