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OpenAsset Welcome a New VP of Sales.

Published on 21st February 2018 at 11:51 by Daniel Emmerson

OpenAsset Welcome a New VP of Sales.

OpenAsset are delighted to announce that Jon Spielholtz joins us today as our VP of Sales. Having spent the last 8 years at Intelligize, Jon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. Intelligize grew from $0 revenue to over $18 million during Jon’s time with the company and he joins OpenAsset at the beginning of a year which will see us rolling out large product updates and the introduction of AI in our features.

Dan Emmerson, CEO of OpenAsset, explains ‘We have a vision for OpenAsset and how we want to grow it’s use across AEC and real estate. Jon represents a big turning point for the business as we develop the product and embed ourselves more into our key markets. This year OpenAsset will announce it’s plans for AI and this will be a game changer for the industry and our clients and with Jon at the helm of our sales team, we see this as a fantastic time of growth.’

Jon Spielholtz explains his decision to join OpenAsset, ‘ I had a great feeling about OpenAsset as soon as I started speaking with Dan and members of the team. I immediately saw the value for the end user in the product, the bottom line is it makes individuals lives easier and I know from experience that’s what clients are really looking for. I think we’ve just scratched the surface with AEC and real estate so there is an incredible potential for growth. In many ways my joining Intelligize mirrors my joining OpenAsset and I see the same type of growth happening over the next 8 years.’

OpenAsset is the leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool for AEC and real estate professionals. Digital images and brand assets tell your firm's story and are used everyday by the people in your business. With OpenAsset, creating a firm-wide library of brand-approved marketing images, videos and PDFs is simple.

OpenAsset is designed to meet the specific digital asset management needs of architecture, engineering, construction, real estate and design firms. Our clients are leaders in the industry, and we aim to keep them there through taking the everyday hassle out of finding images and putting them in one simple central system, saving you time and energy so you can focus more on telling people about your business.


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