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OpenAsset Live Demo Day

Published on 9th November 2018 at 17:49 by Nazehat Uddin

OpenAsset Live Demo Day

Curious about how OpenAsset works and how it could benefit your firm? But not quite ready for a 1:1 demo yet? Why not join others and watch one of our live demos where you can learn about our DAM and have your questions answered. We are hosting three demo’s where our Account Executives will be showing you how to seamlessly create marketing collateral, proposals and employee resumes. We will also run through our newly released features supported with AI as well as some of our software integrations with applications such as InDesign and PowerPoint.

OpenAsset is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system designed to meet the needs of firms in the AEC & Real Estate sectors. Our project-based DAM can support you and your team to easily store, find and use your digital assets. The OpenAsset DAM has multiple time-saving features, some of which have recently incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image Recognition (IR) technology. We believe a DAM like OpenAsset is essential for AEC & Real Estate firms with an ever-growing digital asset library and this is a great opportunity to see how it works and can help firms just like yours.

OpenAsset Live Demo Day

Date: Thursday 29th November 2018


Pick a time that works for you

Live Demo 1: Register Here

Demo Host: Alex Bargus

Time: 10:30am GMT


Live Demo 2: Register Here

Demo Host: Craig Macdonald

Time: 3:00pm GMT / 10:00am EDT


Live Demo 3: Register Here

Demo Host: Scott Shelton

Time: 3:00pm EDT / 12:00pm PST


Meet your Demo Hosts

Alex Bargus

Alex is one of our Account Executives based in London. Alex has worked with clients such as Paul De  Ruiter Architects, Story Group & Beard Construction, helping them bring OpenAsset into their firms.


Craig Macdonald

It has been 10 years since Craig joined OpenAsset in London. Craig has continued to work with clients such as Wilkinson Eyre, Grosvenor and Morgan Sindall to help them adopt DAM.  


Scott Shelton

Scott is our Account Executive based in New York. Scott joined the team earlier this year and has been helping AEC & Real Estate firms get to grips with their image management issues with OpenAsset.  


We'll be discussing:

What is OpenAsset - how we're different to other DAMs

How we can help you supercharge your marketing

What drives OpenAsset & how we continue to develop our product

Who uses OpenAsset

We’ll show around OpenAsset and what it can do for you

AI Features in OpenAsset

What a Customer Success journey looks like

OpenAsset Licencing

Live Q&A


You can ask your questions live during the demos to our Account Executives, Alex Bargus, Craig MacDonald & Scott Shelton.

Find out more about our Digital Asset Management system, view our DAM product overview to know all the essentials about OpenAsset.

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