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Is a Cloud-based DAM right for you?

Published on 17th September 2015 at 22:20 by Daniel Emmerson

Is a Cloud-based DAM right for you?

OpenAsset Cloud runs on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, offering best-in-class global performance for speed and durability. For many organizations, offloading some critical functions to the cloud is a great option for cutting costs associated with purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Totally worry-free data backup
Data is automatically backed up and duplicated to multiple physical locations. You don’t have to worry about tape drives, hard drive redundancy, RAID configuration, distributed storage solutions or the countless other headaches of managing your own storage infrastructure! The database is backed up automatically and has redundant copies on hot standby that can take over as soon as an error occurs.

Less burden on IT resources
OpenAsset cloud frees IT teams from the burden of managing hardware and provisioning storage space. Installation, upgrades, and bug fixes all happen behind the scenes, so your end users are always accessing the latest version of OpenAsset, with limited IT involvement. Users and IT departments spend less time communicating issues to support, and more time benefitting from solutions.

Global access to your library at lightning-fast speeds enable scalability
Files are moved around the globe using Amazon's super fast proprietary network. Large video files will get from the USA to Japan much faster than they would over the public internet. Images and videos can be cached and delivered locally to a browser from over 50 locations on 5 continents.That means you won’t be waiting for files to download over the public internet from another continent, they’ll automatically be delivered from your nearest edge location. OpenAsset Cloud is available from anywhere, making it ideal for clients with offices in multiple countries.

Same user experience
Users search, manage and use images and videos in much the same way as they would with the On-Premise version. Avoid high upfront software and hardware costs Cloud software allows you to avoid the high upfront and ongoing costs of purchasing software, hardware, and facilities necessary to maintain an on-premise installation.

Only pay for what you use each month
There are always costs associated with storage, and for clarity we like to break them out rather than price them in. If you end up only needing 25GB you’ll avoid over-spending because of inaccurate guesstimates and provisioning the storage in advance yourself.

Bandwidth costs are included
When it comes to managing images and videos, bandwidth usage expands rapidly. With OpenAsset Cloud, you won’t pay extra for uploading thousands of new files, creating large documents or streaming videos.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about whether a Cloud or On-Premise DAM is right for you.

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