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OpenAsset + Deltek Vision Connector

Published on 12th November 2014 at 10:32 by Nikki Dever

OpenAsset + Deltek Vision Connector

Combine Deltek Vision + DAM to supercharge your marketing

As the leading DAM for AEC companies, we at OpenAsset have partnered with Deltek Vision, the leading ERP for AEC firms. As a part of Deltek's Global Open Partner Network, we're able to fully integrate OpenAsset with Deltek Vision. By connecting Deltek Vision with a DAM like OpenAsset, you can connect project data with images to create a searchable photo library that leverages Deltek Vision as the single source of project information.

Why OpenAsset?
- Easily find and use project photos and videos
- Speed marketing document creation workflows
- Easily manage access, download, and edit permissions for users

Why OpenAsset + Deltek Vision?
- Increase the value of your Deltek Vision database
- Maintain consistent project data across multiple business units
- Access Deltek Vision and DAM files on the go via the iPad app

Improve access to multimedia project files

With a DAM, images and videos are finally connected with detailed project information, rather than being burried in project folders on a network drive. Associating photos and videos with project metadata makes it much easier to find and use images. OpenAsset’s powerful search allows users to find images by searching for images tagged with a particular client, services rendered, discipline, location, and other project data. The OpenAsset + Deltek Vision Connector automatically pulls project information into the photo library as searchable keywords, which means no double data entry!

Speed marketing document creation workflows

OpenAsset integrates with Word, PowerPoint and InDesign, which means that your users can create outstanding documents faster than ever. Teams can curate and share albums of images to collaborate on a piece of content. Users can easily drag and drop images from the OpenAsset photo library directly into PowerPoint, InDesign, Word, and other programs. By using OpenAsset templates, marketing teams can create project sheets and case studies in the design program of their choice with the click of a button. OpenAsset templates pull project information from Deltek Vision and photos from OpenAsset to create InDesign or PowerPoint documents quickly.

Easily manage image access permissions for users

With DAM, you can easily set user permissions and access levels to ensure that your photographic resources are used in compliance with brand standards and copyright guidelines. In OpenAsset, use the simple traffic light system to show users which images are approved for use in marketing collateral and which images are not approved for marketing use, and are for internal reference only. Even manage which users have permission to view or edit images tagged with various access levels.

Increase the value of your Deltek Vision database

Re-purposing Deltek Vision data to tag your DAM files increases the value you get from your data. Integrating with OpenAsset ensures Deltek Vision remains the single trusted source of project data. Linking project photos with Deltek Vision data not only allows your marketing teams to create printed collateral fast, but with our flexible API, Deltek Vision data and multimedia files from OpenAsset can be pushed to your firm’s website or internal intranet.

Maintain consistent project data across multiple business units

Your project teams are already storing valuable project data like project codes and client names in Deltek Vision. Ensure that everyone in the firm is speaking the same language by repurposing this existing information on your website, intranet, and in marketing collateral.

Access Deltek Vision and DAM files on the go via the iPad app

The OpenAsset iPad app allows users to sync key project photos directly to their iPad for viewing on the go. The slick interface makes it quick and easy to present project photos to a client, no internet connection necessary. Click on photos to see project metadata pulled directly from Deltek Vision.


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