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Integrating OpenAsset and Union Square

Published on 9th September 2015 at 14:57 by Liam Nicholls

Integrating OpenAsset and Union Square

A growing number of European Architecture and Engineering companies (like Reiach & Hall, Lakesmere, and KSR Architects) are using Union Square as their project/document management system and OpenAsset as their digital asset management (DAM) system. While Union Square (formerly known as Workspace) and OpenAsset each have their strengths individually, many of our clients are choosing to take advantage of the OpenAsset API to integrate the two systems.

Re-using project information from Union Square as metadata in OpenAsset makes the image library very searchable and keeps data consistent across the organisation - which strengthens Union Square as the single source of project truth.

DAM is all about images and video

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems like OpenAsset, as opposed to document management systems, are centralised repositories of rich media files like photos, videos and other graphical or multimedia content.

In AEC, DAM users are typically on the business development and marketing side of the house. DAM makes it easy for marketers to find and use branded imagery and professional photography to create bid submissions, brochures, and presentations.

Integration with Design Programs

DAM is all about photo and video management, so naturally DAMs play well with design programs. OpenAsset integrates with InDesign, PowerPoint, and other Adobe and Microsoft programs to speed document workflows. Once an integration is in place and information is flowing freely from Union Square into OpenAsset, many clients then move on to using our template functionality to create InDesign project documents at the click of a button. More about OpenAsset templates here.

File conversion

A standard feature among DAM systems is file conversion. OpenAsset automatically resizes images and allows you to export them in a variety of ways. If you need a image in a certain format (file type, colour space, resolution, etc.) OpenAsset will convert the image automatically or on the fly. More about file sizes here.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use OpenAsset + Union Square at your organisation.

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