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Enable Web Downloads feature for an On-Premise OpenAsset installation

Published on 11th June 2015 at 10:37 by Jason Janicki

Enable Web Downloads feature for an On-Premise OpenAsset installation

Did you know that you can make your On-Premise OpenAsset site accessible externally?

While an On-Premise version of OpenAsset is installed on a server within your network, many users will want to access OpenAsset from outside the office. They can either VPN/SSH into your network to access OpenAsset or your IT team can make OpenAsset available outside of your network by routing OpenAsset through an open port in your firewall. Visit our help site for more information on making your OpenAsset site externally facing.

By allowing OpenAsset to be externally facing, end users won't need to turn to file transfer services like Dropbox, YouSendIt, or WeTransfer to send images to people who don't have access to the company's instance of OpenAsset. Instead, you can make use of the OpenAsset web download tool. Many of our clients utilize the web downloads feature to send images to clients, press, and other third party entities.

Once the images are packaged in OpenAsset, an email link is generated and sent to the recipient. The recipient then simply clicks the link and the images are downloaded. Via OpenAsset, the sender can view how many times the images have been downloaded and can choose to deactivate the link. You can find much more information about how the web downloads feature works on our help site.

If you require any assistance in changing your OpenAsset URL or making your site externally facing, contact our Support Team. We're happy to help!

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