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Adjust system-wide search settings

Published on 31st March 2015 at 17:28 by Jason Janicki

Adjust system-wide search settings

Did you know that you can adjust system-wide search settings in OpenAsset?

Easily searching, finding and using your files is critical to the success of your library. Here are a few important search settings that an OpenAsset administrator can customize:

1. Autocomplete Minimum Characters: Determine how many characters a user has to type in the search bar before they start seeing suggestions.

2. Include/Exclude Controls: Enable a visual toggle to allow users to include/exclude criteria from their search.

3. Thumbnail Click Action: When a user clicks the image thumbnail on the search results page, decide whether they are taken to the slideshow view or file info page.

These three settings can be set by an administrator in the “Manage”->”System Preferences”->”Search” section of OpenAsset.

Visit our Help site for additional assistance using OpenAsset.

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